About Us

We began selling vintage tees to our friends locally in Jacksonville, FL. After seeing the enjoyment our tees brought to people we wanted this to become more than just a hobby. We then went through weeks of trial and error to create a brand name that encompassed everything we liked to do: fishing and thrifting. We made our logo, and the rest was history. Once we expanded to a social media platform we did not want to stop there. In less than a year we sold to over 25 states and connected with many new people through vintage along the way. Building a website where customers could easily browse our products was essential for our growth, and we hope you enjoy our products just as much as we enjoy the process!

Our Mission....

We aim to provide customers with unique apparel that fuels individuality. We offer products that will elevate any outfit without contributing to fast fashion. Every year, the United States throws away more than 34 billion pounds of clothing. Finding ways to breathe new life into vintage clothing gives our customers a unique experience. Our products are the staple piece to any outfit. Establish your style with FishThrifts.